Moviebox Premiere

Moviebox Premiere a new online platform for independent filmmakers and producers to soft launch at the American Film Market

Moviebox, a UK based production company will be announcing at the American Film Market in California news about a new online platform for independent filmmakers and producers planned for 2020.

Julian Hicks MovieBox President said, “As film producers in the industry we see an opportunity to take control over the way film is financed and how the content is distributed. is the way forward for independent filmmakers and producers who are passionate about their stories, their films and the craft of filmmaking.”

The Moviebox team have been talking to producers worldwide about some of the frustrations of getting their films distributed. When pitching the concept behind the platform of Moviebox with filmmakers the response has been overwhelming. There is a mass of great unseen content out there which never sees the light of day. Moviebox is now working its way through all the offers of content by producers to show their movies and to be part of the full launch of the Moviebox-Premiere platform in 2020.

Julian Hicks said “ is not just another distribution platform for online streaming it also aims to support the industry and the people who make films happen. Alongside the film content on the platform there will also be an interactive hub for all aspects of the film industry. The aim is to advertise jobs within the industry, connect crew with productions, help find the right locations and to build professional links in the UK and abroad.”

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