MovieBox Premiere

A unique platform that brings film lovers and filmmakers together.

MovieBox Premiere is different from other online platforms, it is not just an aggregator of film content, it is an eclectic team of industry professionals which stem from a production and filmmaking background. We believe all avenues to fulfilling market demand for content have a place, however, we at MovieBoxPremiere are turning our passion and the art of filmmaking into a new model of production and viewing. 

MovieBox Premiere‚Äôs unique face in the market is one that directs itself towards those that make films, study film and work in the industry. This includes experienced producers, directors and a whole host of industry skilled workers from cinematographers, makeup artists, set builders, actors and writers, and towards anyone that just loves to watch film. 

So, if looking for your next viewing experience or your next professional working assignment MovieBox Premiere will offer news of new productions, exclusive behind the scenes viewing, production opportunities and a connection with those producing a movie. 

So, tell us about your project! Do you have a short, a feature or a script you want to pitch to our producers, are you looking for production finance or do you have a completed film ready to distribute?

We want to share what we know with what you know and help you on your journey, to help take those first steps onto the red carpet, those PREMIERE STEPS. 

So, if a filmmaker or a film buff join us on a journey, to share ideas, news, reviews, projects and job opportunities at our online platform and village MovieBox Premiere.